Finding a perfect solution that caters to all the needs has proven to be a tough job in terms of Instagram’s shadow ban. Still we get this hope that this ban isn’t eternal and usually users get untangled from this ban within a week span. The right explanation to this can be that the system may misjudge your post if the same hash tags are used. 1. Avoid the usage of broken or prohibited hash tags on your instagram posts. 2. Use analyzer apps like shadow ban analyzer to keep a check on your posts. In case you have used a hash tag way too often then it means that the hashtag will get inactive over time. 3. Not using hash tags for a while on your posts can be a solution. Wait for few days before you upload a photo or video with a hashtag on it. 4. Take a 2-4 day break from instagram, you’ll notice that during this time your hastags will be working perfectly again.